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CopperCube 4.5.1 released

This is a small bug fix release, download it here:
  • Fixed a bug causing mouse and key events not to work on the root scene node in WebGL, Flash and Android

CopperCube 4.5 released

CopperCube has just been released in version 4.5. It is a free update, you can download it from the download page. New features are:
  • Oculus Rift support
  • WebGL and Flash fullscreen mode and mouse pointer locking
  • Touch events for WebGL
  • New internal key and mouse event handling system (much more responsive now)
coppercube oculus rift support
CopperCube Oculus Rift support being tested

Additionally, there is a new online demo available, showing the fullscreen and mouse locking in action. You can run it as WebGL and Flash or version directly from this website, using this link. The demo looks like this:
coppercube new demo
Screenhot of the new demo

The demo is also available as windows .exe with support for the Oculus Rift, download it here: CopperCube Oculus Rift demo (25 MB)
The new Oculus Rift support is basically just an option to enable in the publishing settings of the editor:

coppercube oculus rift support
New option for creating apps with Oculus Rift support

Detailed change log for version 4.5:
  • Added support for the Oculus Rift VR device. The professional edition of CopperCube now is able to create apps running with the Oculus Rift, DK1 and probably also newer. Support for this is beta only, but it already works nicely. It only works with the Windows .exe target, though. To use it, simply check the 'Oculus Rift support' checkbox and whereever you are using a first person shooter style camera in your app, the user has full control over it using the Rift.
  • WebGL and Flash fullscreen mode and mouse pointer locking is supported now. This is useful for nice first person shooter cameras, for example. There is a downloadable action for this available from here: But also available as the new JavaScript function ccbSwitchToFullscreen(). Works in Chrome, Firefox and in IE (while only fullscreen is supported in IE)
  • WebGL now supports touch events. Meaning it also works nicely on Firefox and Chrome when using it on a touch screen device.
  • CopperCube now requires minimum Flash Player 11.2 when publishing as hardware accelerated Flash app. (Because that version introduced the now supported mouse pointer locking)
  • Redesigned internal key and mouse event handling system: These events are now handled instantly, previously they were processed during the next frame. For large, slow scenes, this could cause a small delay, sometimes. Also, with this change, it is now possible to do system calls in Flash and WebGL which rely on instant event processing for security reasons.
  • Default mode for redrawing in Flash and WebGL is now 'every frame' instead of 'when scene changed'

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Older News

CopperCube 4.4 released. Adding support for fast rendering plants and grass patches, dynamic loading of textures during runtime, collision detection settings cloning enabling the creation of advanced apps like level editors, improved plugin creation tools, improved WebGL support for Firefox and Chrome, updated documentation, bug fixes and more. Details here.
CopperCube 4.3 released. Adding support for WebGL in Internet Explorer 11, new integrated web server for better developing WebGL in Chrome and IE11, improved collision detection, Android Menu key handler, updated documentation, bug fixes and more.
CopperCube 4.2.1 released. Bug fix release, including support for Google's latest Android SDK, and support for WebGL in Chrome for Androids.
CopperCube 4.2 released. Added support for normal maps, import of static Blender .blend files and support for precalculated lightmaps. Option to use the current desktop resolution for full screen apps, open folder of textures from the editor, improved performance for .3ds, .lwo, .dae, .ase, .ply, .dxf, .cob and .scn importers, enhanced COLLADA support, new extension actions and plugins, more documentation with new tutorials, bug fixes and lots of other minor new features. Details here.
CopperCube 4.0.5 released. Includes basically bug fixes, mostly for the new (beta) scripting system, increases performance for WebGL, Android and Flash. Details here.
CopperCube 4.0.4 released.
  • New beta features: Entirely new scripting system ('CopperCube for Game Developers'): All targets now support JavaScript scripting, using the same API. New behaviors and actions can now be added yourself, or downloaded from the internet.
  • Other: Multitouch support on Android, WebGL speed improvements and ~50% improved download size, extended 'if' action, sound volume and collision details control via variables, improved COLLADA import, various bug fixes.
Details here.
CopperCube 4.0.3 released. Enhanced Game AI, actions for paths, better font support on WebGL and Android, improvements for the Android target, bug fixes. Details here.
CopperCube 4.0.2 released. Extended cloning mechanism, improved physics on android, more WebGL publishing options, several bug fixes and improvements. Details here.
CopperCube 4.0.1 released. Faster Android apps, zooming for the model viewer camera, several smaller bug fixes. Details here.
CopperCube 4.0 released. Android support, Particle systems, Touchscreen support for mobile devices, customizable loading screens for all targets, Multiline text, more and extended actions and behaviors (cloning, deleting, vehicles, random positions, etc.), new examples and prefabs, lots of other improvements. Details here.
CopperCube 3.5.1 released. Small bug fixes for the flash publishing target. Update recommended.
CopperCube 3.5 released. Adds support for unicode (Russian, Japanese, etc texts and files now working), redesigned user interface, support for copying and pasting behaviors, new special runtime variables like '.damage' and '.movementspeed', bug fixes.

CopperCube 3.1.0 released. Adds an improved material window, the possibility of attaching any object to a camera (like weapons in first person shooters), improved dynamic lighting in WebGL and Flash, new actions and behaviors (restart a scene, do something before first frame, improved keyboard controlled object), dynamic variables (like "" for game AI), faster publishing, improved 3D file importers, bug fixes.
CopperCube 3.0.3 released. Adds support for Vertex colors, and the ability to import huge 3D models, also from the formats .dae (collada), .ase, .ply, .dxf, .cob, .3ds, .lwo and scn.
CopperCube 3.0.2 released. Adds WebGL performance improvements, new example (third person camera) and various bug fixes.
CopperCube 3.0.1 released. Includes a few bug fixes with Flash and WebGL.
CopperCube 3.0 released. Adds dynamic lights for all targets, plugins, JavaScript as language for for Mac .app and Windows .exe, polygon editing tools in the editor, audio for WebGL target, double sided materials, new actions, improved model viewer camera, better 3rd person camera for indoor scenes, improved file importers, and much, much more.
CopperCube 2.5.5 released. Adding support for the latest, updated Adobe Molehill Beta.
CopperCube 2.5.4 released. Added enhancements for Firefox 5 support (WebGL), material index parameter for the 'Change texture of a scene node' action and fixed a few minor bugs.
CopperCube 2.5.3 released. Added third person camera control, command line interface (professional version only), several bug fixes and minor changes.
CopperCube 2.5.2 released. Improving compatibility with the just released Firefox 4 final version.
CopperCube 2.5.1 released. Fixing a few bugs, it is recommended to update to this version from 2.5.
CopperCube 2.5 released. Adds support for Adobes just released Molehill API in Flash: real hardware accelerated 3D graphics. Adobe MoleHill is still in Beta, and you need to enable this feature in CopperCube in the Publishing Settings.
CopperCube 2.2.3 released. Adds viewports for cameras to the editor, scaling in all direction by holding down shift, improved first person shooter camera control for Flash and WebGL (looking by moving mouse), lots of enhancements to various actions and behaviors, access to CopperCube variables via Actionscript, JavaScript and Squirrel, possibility to jump in first person cameras, much improved performance for collision dection and response, fixed bugs with several file format importers (.3ds, .obj, .dae, .dxf, .cob and .lwo), and much more.
CopperCube 2.2.1 released. Includes several bug fixes with WebGL
CopperCube 2.2 released. Adds new materials (fake reflections), a wireframe mode, support for setting, manipulating and reading variables via actions, and lots of minor improvements and bug fixes.
CopperCube 2.0 released. Adds undo and redo to the editor, support for game AI behaviors (for example for creating enemies for games), shooting, timer and other behaviors and actions, update to the latest WebGL specification and a lot more.
CopperCube 1.4.1 released. Adds support for character animation in the WebGL target and various other small improvements.
CopperCube 1.4.0 released. Includes support for Mac OS X (also on Windows), adds support for 3D Studio Max .ase, Stanford Polygon Lib .ply, AutoCAD .dxf and Truespace .cob and .scn files, improves COLLADA .dae, Lightwave .lwo and 3D Studio .3ds importers. Also, gives the possibility to use own prefabs and adds various other improvements.
CopperCube Beta for Mac released. The first beta version of CopperCube for Mac has been released. This version runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and later (intel only) but may contain bugs and errors.
CopperCube 1.2.2 released. Added 'On Cursor moved over do something' behavior, multiple sky box support for flash, 'create plane' now with texture repeat option, collision detection for WebGL target, tooltips on texture displays and various bug fixes.
CopperCube 1.2.1 released. Fixed WebGL target for MacOSX and a bug with the flash target.
CopperCube 1.2.0 released. Added support for WebGL and JavaScript, using CopperLicht.
CopperCube 1.1.3 released. Adds the option to open .ccb files with a click in the windows explorer and an .irr scene exporter.
CopperCube 1.1.2 released. Adds 2D overlays (to show 2D images, buttons, text displays and similar), transparent background rendering (wmode=transparent), new actions, and more.
CopperCube 1.1.0 released. Adds realtime 3D character animation.
CopperCube 1.0.6 released. Includes the new Event/Action system and Flash Player 10 3D capabilities.