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Features of CopperCube

CopperCube is a 3D authoring tool with deployment targets for Flash (.swf), WebGL (.html), Windows (.exe), Mac OS X (.app) and Android apps (.apk). You can create interactive 3D scenes without the need to write one single line of code (=no programming necessary), or even create whole games.

Supported File Formats

Import your 3D models into the CopperCube editor and publish them directly as Flash swf file or WebGL app for websites, or as standalone Windows .exe, Mac OS X .app or Android .apk file. CopperCube supports the following file formats:

Format ImportExport
AutoCAD exchange files (.dxf)yes-
3D Studio ASE files (.ase)yes-
3D Studio meshes (.3ds)yes-
Alias Wavefront Maya (.obj)yesyes
B3D files (.b3d)yes-
Blender files (.blend)yes-
Cartography shop 4 (.csm) yes-
COLLADA (.xml, .dae)yesyes
DeleD (.dmf)yes-
FSRad oct (.oct)yes-
Irrlicht static meshes (.irrmesh)yesyes
Irrlicht scenes (.irr)-yes
Lightwave 3D meshes (.lwo)yes-
Microsoft DirectX (.x)yes-
Milkshape (.ms3d)yes-
My3DTools 3 (.my3D)yes-
OGRE meshes (.mesh)yes-
Pulsar LMTools (.lmts)yes-
Quake 3 levels (.bsp)yes-
Quake 2 models (.md2)yes-
STL meshes (.stl)yesyes
Stanford Polygon Lib files (.ply)yes-
Truespace files (.cob and .scn)yes-

Since version 3, the editor also supports low poly editing directly in CopperCube, so you can also create your models without an external modelling tool.
CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows

Oculus Rift support

With CopperCube, you can create virtual reality worlds with just one click. Since version 4.5, CopperCube supports the Oculus Rift Headset: simply check the 'Oculus Rift support' checkbox in the editor, and whereever you are using a first person shooter style camera in your app, the user has full control over it using the Rift.
You can try a demo of this in action here: CopperCube Oculus Rift demo (25 MB)

CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows

Special Mobile App support

Since version 4, CopperCube supports creating apps for mobile devices. For this, CopperCube includes the following features:
  • Supported is Android version 2.2 and newer
  • Special input overlays, for example for touchscreen movement and view control, including multi-touch support.
  • Highly optimized and customized OpenGL ES renderer, with all the features also included in the other targets.
And of course, apps created with CopperCube can freely be sold, even on the official Google Play store.
CopperCube on Android Device

Character Animation

CopperCube supports realtime 3D character animation, also known as skeletal animation. It supports playing back animated meshes with an unlimited amount of joints and an unlimted amount of weights. You can model and animate animated characters using any 3d software, exporting it into one of the following file formats and then importing them into Coppercube:
  • Milkshape (.ms3d)
  • Microsoft DirectX (.x)
  • B3D files (.b3d)
The editor also includes a simple animation editor, to cut and define named animation cycles. You'll find links to exporters for your 3d modelling application in the Coppercube Documentation.
CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows

Single Click Web or App Deployment

Want to show your 3D scene directly on your website? Not a problem:
  • Import your 3D files into CopperCube
  • Edit your scene in the editor
  • Select 'Flash SWF' or 'WebGL' and click 'Publish'
  • Done!
Want to create a Windows .exe or Mac OS X .app instead? Or an Android mobile app? Select that target and click 'Publish'. That's it!
CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows

OpenGL, Direct3D, WebGL and Stage3D

When publishing your interactive 3D scene CopperCube utilizes either OpenGL, OpenGLES, Direct3D, WebGL or Stage3D/Molehill to render the scene with a highspeed, hardware accelerated render engine. All specific engines include these features:
  • Highly optimized and written in each native platform (be it Java, ActionScript, JavaScript or C++)
  • Massive Particle Systems with lots of customizeable parameters
  • Realtime Skeletal Animation with no joint or weight limit
  • Advanced features such as BillBoards, Skyboxes and 3D sounds
  • Support for real lightmaps and realtime normal maps
  • Adaptive precision to keep high frames per second
Additionally, on Mac OS X and Windows, the following features are supported:
  • Fullscreen anti aliasing
  • Vertical Syncronization
  • Hardware 3D sounds (.wav, .ogg, .mod, .it and more)
  • Fullscreen mode
The flash target even includes an option to compile for Pre-Flash Player 11, meaning the 3D renderer works even without the Stage 3D feature, if wanted.

CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows
CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows

Particles and 2D Overlays - All the features needed for games

In order to make it easily possible to create games and apps with user interface in CopperCube, it includes the possiblity to create 2d overlays. You can create buttons with it, texts and images. The text can be dynamically changed and the images can be animated or replaced during runtime. Again, everything without programming. Additionally, CopperCube supports particle effects. With a few clicks, you can create complex particle simulations, creating effects like:
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Rain and Snow
  • Fog
  • Water fountains
  • And much more
2d overlays and particles in Coppercube


The CopperCube editor has a built-in lightmapper which can enhance the appearence of your 3D scene greatly. Just place a few lights and click 'calculate'. The lightmapper even features global illumination effects and is very simple to use.
CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows

Scripting Support, Events and Actions

To make your 3D scenes even more interactive, you can utilize CopperCube's simple click-only event/action system or even scripts and and influence every aspect of the whole scene.
  • CopperCube has a built-in Event/Action system. You can easily define actions which should happen (like playing a sound, opening a website, showing an item etc.) when an event happens (like the user clicked on an item or reached a certain area). No programming needed here.
  • You can use Javascript on all publishing targets, using the same scripting API.
  • When publishing as Flash .SWF, you can additionally use ActionScript 3.
  • When using the WebGL target, there is an additional second JavaScript API available, in case you want access WebGL directly.
There is a full reference of all scripting functions and several tutorials and examples in the Coppercube Documentation.
CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows

Game AI and first person shooter behaviors included

Wether you want to create simple 3D games or prototype your AAA title, CopperCube includes precreated game AI behaviors and actions, since CopperCube version 2. No need to program anything, just click your game characters and enemies together.
CopperCube a 3D engine for Flash and Windows


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