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3D authoring editor

CopperCube is an editor for creating 3D games, apps and 3D websites without programming. Easy to use, simple but very powerful.

Download Version 5.4.2

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New in version 5.4: Built-in Texture Packer for optimizing your models.

New in version 5.4.2: Added dynamic day-night cycle support

Create 3D apps and games without programming

Many supported Platforms

Creates WebGL websites, Windows programs, Mac OS X apps, Flash .swfs and Android apps.

Extremely Easy to use

Create everything from simple model viewers to full 3D games. With just a few clicks.

No programming!

You can create games and apps without programming. But also supports scripting for advanced users.

Create everything from Model Viewers to full Games

CopperCube is ideal for creating 3D games, educational programs, architectural visualizations, military simulations, product configurators, e-learning applications and 3D prototypes. There is no limit in what can be created with CopperCube.

Integrated Terrain Editor

Use the integrated terrain editor to create 3D terrain for your games and apps. Also imports heightmaps from other tools.

Outstanding WebGL Support

CopperCube's generated WebGL apps are fast and small (~200KB .js), and download quickly. No bloat of several MB in size other products create. Details

Realistic Realtime Water

Renders realistic looking water surfaces on all platforms. Highly customizable and fast.

Open Source

The whole WebGL code is open source. You can freely change, adapt, debug and extend it.

Fast Physics

Includes a full physics engine for Windows & Mac, and fast collision and repsonse system for platforms with less power.

Advanced Animation

Supports playing back animated meshes with an unlimited amount of joints and an unlimted amount of weights, and attachements.

Powerful Scripting

Advanced users can can also use the scripting API. Using JavaScript or also ActionScript, if you like.

Imports everything

CopperCube imports 22 file formats, for example from Lightwave, 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Milkshape, Truespace, DeleD or AutoCAD.

Nice and quick Lighting

CopperCube comes with an integrated light mapper. But also dynamic lights are supported.

Great Special Effects

Use fog and particles, and easily simulate fire and smoke, rain and snow, water fountains and more.

Prebuilt Game Behaviors

Includes precreated game AI behaviors and actions. Simply click your game together.

Video Playback

Videos can be played back in 2D and even in 3D in the professional edition.

... and much more. See Features for a detailed list.

Some games created with CopperCube

Frontiers of Independence

A educational game created by a team of historians, artists and programmers.

Drones Attack

A small futuristic first person shooter game.


A postapocalyptic survival game.

The Dead Tower

A first person horror adventure.


A Minecraft style RPG.

Horse Jumping 4

A horse racing game.

Letters Kingdom

A kids learning game.

Space Project 1

A adventure game in a space station.


A browser based 3D fantasy adventure game.

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