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CopperLicht Tutorials

The following tutorials are available for CopperLicht. All of them are also included in the SDK.

Tutorial Description Screenshot
Hello World Shows how to display a very simple interactive 3d scene using CopperLicht. No programming required for this tutorial.
Movement and Keyboard input Shows how to move 3d objects by pressing keys, and how to use animators.
Custom Scene Nodes Shows how create a custom scene node and how to use CopperLicht without CopperCube. You will also see how to load textures, use BillBoards and Cameras and how to change Materials.
Character Animation Demonstrates how to show animated 3D Characters using Skeletal Animation in CopperLicht.
2D Overlays Demonstrates 2d text overlays, how to caculate the 2d position from a 3d position and how to use the OnAnimate handler.
Custom materials and shaders Demonstrates how to create custom materials and shaders.
Collision detection and response Demonstrates how to do collision detection in CopperLicht.