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Modern Architecture Types
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Registered User
2012-01-11 05:31:21

How many styles of modern architecture and how to classify? Here I sum up some classification, just my personal view.
By Nation: Chinese style, Japanese style, Singapore style, Englishness, French style, American style, etc.
By Area: continental style, Euramerican style, Mediterranean style, Australian style, African style, Latin America style, etc.
By Type of Architecture: Villa, office building, business architecture, religious building, and other architecture styles (school, museum, Government offices building).
By History Development Schools:
1. The ancient Greek architecture style from 800 BC to 300 AD;
2. The Roman architectural style from 300 BC to 365 AD (such style is just the origin of European architecture);
3. The medieval European architectural style, from 400 to 1400 year (at that time, castle type building is in vogue);
4. The Renaissance architectural style, from 1420 to 1550 year (castle type building was continuously broken through);
5. Neoclassicism Style: The main feature of such style is the combination of classicism and Modernism.
5. Contemporary Review: 1960-1975, grandiose appearance, rarely use adornment.
6. Postmodern style: It started at 1980.
By Form of Construction: Gothic architecture, Baroque architecture, the rococo building, Batten type building.
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