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how to get current system time...
Author Text

Registered User
2017-07-16 21:27:34

Hello everyone
How to get system time like android or windows on 2d overlay...pleaz

Registered User
2017-07-17 06:53:39

I have posted it before on the forums ... but am too lazy to crawl it in the forums so am posting the ccb file again....

Here is the link to ccb file to get the current system time...and date..

and you can use it in your project to switch to the another scene after 10 days of launching of the app...

hope it helps you !!

2017-07-17 07:43:53

You could do something like this in JavaScript:

var node = ccbGetSceneNodeFromName("yourOverlay");
var date = new Date();
ccbSetSceneNodeProperty(node, "Text", date.toString());

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