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Download Scripted Actions, Behaviors and Plugins for CopperCube

You can download additional actions for CopperCube from this page.
Instructions how these work below.


CopperCube and Author
Fade Screen Fades the whole screen to or from black, and executes an action after finished. 4.2 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Make WebGL use the full page Makes a WebGL app use the full page. Run this action once (like for example in the "Before first drawing do something" behavior of the root element of the first scene), and your WebGL app will from now use the full page. 5.3 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Switch To Fullscreen In the WebGL and Flash target, this switches to Fullscreen. Supports mouse pointer locking for first person shooter cameras. Needs to be run from a click or key event. Note that in Flash, only cursor keys and space work afterwards (security limit) 4.5 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Toggle Fullscreen in WebGL In the WebGL target, this toggles fullscreen mode (on and off after a second call), also supports mouse lock. 4.5 and newer, BMSKiwi
Set Random Value Sets a random value into a CopperCube variable. 4.0.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Do Later Runs an action a specific amount of time later 5.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Load Texture Dynamically loads a texture either from disk (Windows, Mac OS X) or from a web server (WebGL, Flash) 4.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Set Cursor WebGL Sets a custom mouse cursor in the WebGL target 4.5 and newer, BMSKiwi
Drag 3D Object Starts/stops dragging a 3d object with the mouse. Add this action into the "when clicked onto this do something" behavior to make it dragable. 5.0 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Drag 3D Object with constraints Same as 'Drag 3D Object' action, but it is possible to constrain the movement to one or more axis as well. 5.0 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Animated Scale Scales an object animated to a specific target scale. 5.0 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Disable Browser Context Menu Disables the menu of the browser which appears when doing a right-click for WebGL. 5.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Steam Achievements Actions for setting and resetting Steam achievements for your game. 5.5 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Read specfic line Reads a specific line from a text file displays that line on a 2d overlay. 5.7 and newer, Vazahat Pathan (just_in_case)


CopperCube version and Author
Move object by click into 3D world Makes the character this behavior is attached to move in the 3D world when clicking onto a 3D position in that world. Useful for adventure style games. 4.5 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Thirdperson Camera and Player Controller Modern third person camera and player controller with collision detection, material specific footstep sounds, customizable keys and sensitivity (at run time), shoulder view and more 6.4 and newer, smnmhmdy
2D Jump'n'Run Very simple jump'n' run behavior. Moves the node it is attached to only on the x axis, controlled by the cursor keys and with space for 'jump'. 4.0.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Camera Zoom By MouseWheel If attached to a scene node (root recommended), this will zoom the current active camera if the mouse wheel is used. Speed and minimal and maximal zoom adjustable. 4.0.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Parallax Camera Effect If attached to a camera, this will slightly move the camera depending on the mouse position, creating a slight parallax scroll effect. Area of movement and speed is adjustable, and it is possible to enable and disable this effect manually (see comment in source). 4.3 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Do at random intervals Performs an action at random intervals. 4.3 and newer, BMSKiwi
Move between points Will move the scene node it is attached to linearly between two 3d points. This is the example behavior from the documentation. 4.0.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Animate Dynamic Loaded Textures Animates an object with an array of dynamically loaded textures, from your server. Works with Flash and WebGL. 4.5 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Editable Text Overlay Make a 2D overlay text editable in runtime. Just attach this behavior to any 2D overlay and start typing. Can store the text as a value for the variable, can use different cursors, supports all text keys including numpad, etc. 6.4 and newer, Vazahat Khan (just_in_case)
Edit box Makes a 2D overlay behave like an edit box. Just attach this behavior to any 2D overlay and start typing. Additionally stores the text in a variable if wished. Very simple, for advanced features use "Editable Text Overlay" instead. 4.5.1 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Do Function Call Binds any CopperCube action(s) to a named javascript function. The attribute 'FunctionName' is the name of the global function object that is created. Can be called from anywhere in the window to execute the listed CopperCube actions. 5.0 and newer, BMSKiwi
Third person shooter player This lets an object behave as in a third person shooter mode (shadow run style): Rotates the character to where the mouse is, moves with cursor keys. Camera follows automatically if set. 5.0 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Detect Swipes and Gestures This can detect gestures such as swipes (swipe up, down, left right) and then triggers actions. Just attach it to the root node or an object in the scene (not the camera), and it should work. 5.0 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Model Viewer Camera Extended Works like the model viewer camera behavior, but supports pan and its radius can be changed by the JS variable 'ModelViewerCameraExRadius'. 5.0 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Footsteps Plays footsteps sounds when the object it is attached to is moving. There are three different footsteps possible, as action slot. 5.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Day/Night cycle can be attached to a directional light and makes it behave like the sun: There will be sunrise, day, sunset, and night. 5.4.2 and newer, N.Gebhardt
Cheat behaviors Two behaviors for adding cheats into your game: A direct cheat system and a console based cheat for a 2D Overlay. See the description file included in the .zip for details 5.5 and newer, Vazahat Pathan
Follow Main Character On Scene Map This draws a map and the position of the player on it. Included in the .zip is a .PDF with a tutorial. 5.5 and newer, A. AbdelSalam
Text Animation Animates 2d overlays text with a typewriting effect 5.5 and newer, Vazahat Pathan (just_in_case)
Camera Zoom by Right Mouse Button Zooms the camera when right mouse button is clicked 5.5 and newer, Mio 'J0linar' Sejic
If below sea level Runs an action if the node it is attached to is below the sea level 5.7 and newer, Bracer Jack
Function Keys Usage Lets you use the special function keys on your Keyboard (F1, F2 ... F12)(only works on .Exe target) 5.7 and newer, A. AbdelSalam (techno-valley)

Editor plugins

CopperCube version and author
compress scene Compresses all geometry in the scene in order to make the file size smaller. Useful for big sized webgl or flash scenes. 5.3 and newer, N.Gebhardt
snapToGrid Adds a command to snap the selected object to the grid, and a second command to set the grid size. Shortcut: Ctrl+M 4.3 and newer, pmax
dropToGround Drops an item to the surface below automatically. Shortcut: Ctrl+D 6.0 and newer, robo
getOptimalLightmapSettings Analyzes the scene and calculates the optimal lightmap calculation settings. Shortcut: Ctrl+E 4.0.4 and newer, BMSKiwi
freezeScaleNormalizeNormals Freezes the scale and rotation of the selected mesh and also normalizes all normals, making lighting on WebGL and Flash faster and more accurate. Shortcut: Ctrl+K 4.0.4 and newer, N.Gebhardt
splitOversizePolygons Can be used when you get a message about polygons which are too huge - by running this script the oversized polygons will be splitted up into smaller ones. Shortcut: Ctrl+R 4.0.4 and newer, BMSKiwi

How do these work:

How to use
Download .zip archive, extract its content (usually a .js file) to
Your Documents\CopperCube\extensions on Windows or ~/Documents/CopperCube/extensions on macOS, restart CopperCube.
License: All extensions are published under a zlib compatible license. Basically, this means those extensions are free to use. See full license text below.

How to publish your own extension here
Just send us your extension (see mail adress
here), include a short description, ensure that the code is commented and readable, add your full name and write that you agree that your extension will be published here under the CopperCube extension script License (see below). That's it. :) If you like, include a website adress to be published here.

CopperCube extension script License
This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions:
- The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required.
- Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.
- This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.

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