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Games using CopperCube

This is a list of a few hand-picked games created with CopperCube:


A postapocalyptic survival game, available on steam. Website, Steam.

Aziella Chronicles

A nice looking RPG style adventure game. Website

Frontiers of Independence

A educational game created by a team of historians, artists and programmers. Website

Drones Attack

A small futuristic first person shooter game. Website

Super Galaxy Ranger Luna 64

A nostalgic shooter adventure. Website


A upcoming horror game, playable demo available on
Played by popular youtubers.

Mutation X 0915

A first person shooter, mixing "Minecraft" and "Stalker". Website


A jumpscare horror game available on Website

Painted Legend

An unusual platformer with shared screen multiplayer support. Available on Steam. Website


A Minecraft style RPG, available on Steam.

Horse Jumping 4

A horse racing game by BeeColor. Website

Letters Kingdom

A kids learning game. Website

Nightingales Playground

A digital art project / adventure by Andy Campbell. Website

The Dead Tower

A horror adventure by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze. Website

Space Project 1

A adventure game in a space station Daubert Sebastian. Website


A browser based 3D fantasy adventure game currently in development.

A lot of other games have been created with CopperCube, this was a small excerpt.
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