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CopperCube Roadmap

A list of features planned for or currently in development, for the CopperCube 3D game engine. Some of these features - not necessarily all of them - will likely end up in the next release / update.
This roadmap is not complete, it only gives a rough overview.

Feature Effort Progress
Linux client support
Add a new publishing target: Linux
Modern Renderer
In addition to the existing renderers, add a new D3D 11 renderer with support for more modern 3D features.
glTF support
Implement a glTF file importer
Scripted FPS behavior
Make an open source, scriptable version of the FPS behavior available
Extended File access API
JavaScript API with more fine grained support for accessing and manipulating files.
External screen resolution control
Add a way to support screen resolutions changes externally
More dynamic shadow options for animated meshes
Possibility to disable dynamic shadows for animated objects like it is possible to static objects already
Auto-open folder option
Possibility to disable the "auto-open" behavior for folders in the editor when selecting a scene node inside.
Texture height based distribution for imported maps
Texture distribution by height is only available creating new terrain, make this possible when importing heightmaps as well.

For future versions

Features not scheduled for a specific update yet but likely to be added some day.

Feature Effort Progress
Linux editor
Port the editor to be able to run on Linux
MP4 video playback
In addition to the supported video formats, add MP4 video playback in the Windows and MacOSX target
64bit support
Support 64 bit on the clients and/or editor
GIFs as textures
Add support for playing back and using GIFs as textures
Improved macOS support
Since Apple ran amok, 'deprecating' OpenGL, we need to add aditional rendering backends like Metal to continue to have nice macOS support
Remember window position and sizes
Option in the editor so that it remembers customized sizes and positions of the 3D windows.

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