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CopperLicht Demos

Some demos showing CopperLicht in action. Require a browser with WebGL support.
See the browser support webpage.

Terrain Demo

This demo shows terrain and the 3rd person camera in action. The scene was created in the CopperCube editor. Start

Ocean Demo

This demo shows the reflecting water surface feature in action. Start

First Person Demo

This demo shows first person walkthough, with pointerlock and fullscreen mode. Needs about 6 MB of data to be downloaded. Start

Backyard Demo

This demo shows a scene with many textures (>80), lots of polygons, character animation and camera flight. Start

Jump'n'Run Demo

This demo shows a jum'n' run game created in Coppercube, using the scripting API. The code for this game was only about 7 KB of JavaScript. Start

Third Person Camera Demo

This demo shows the third person camera in action, as well as a character controlled by the 'controlled by mouse and keyboard' behavior. Start

Dynamic Light Demo

This demo shows dynamic light, character animation and path following in action. Start

Car configurator Demo

This demo shows the model viewer camera and texture switch behavior, creating a car configurator application. Start

Model Viewer Demo

This demo shows a very simply scene viewed by the model viewer camera, controlled by the mouse. Start

Older WebGL demos (CopperLicht 1.3 and earlier)

Quake 3 Map Demo

This demo loads and displays a full Quake 3 level. Warning: Needs a fast PC. Start

Character Animation Demo

CopperCube supports realtime 3D character animation, also known as skeletal animation. This Demo shows one simple demo animated character. Start

Collision Detection Demo

This demo loads a small 3d scene and demonstrates collision detection and response. It is possible to climb up stairs and collide against walls. Start

Third Person Camera Demo

This demo shows the third person camera built-into CopperCube in action. You can walk around with an animated 3d character. Start

Asteroids Game

This demo shows a fully working simple asteroids game, including sound and music. Start

First Person shooter game and Walk trough demo

This demo shows the first person camera, behaviors, actions, sounds and the game AI in action. This small game was entirely created in CopperCube, without programming any line of code. Start

Castle Demo

This demo shows a bigger 3d scene with some dynamic light, character control and impacts. Start

Toy Car Demo

This demo loads a very small 3d scene with a car animated along a spline path. Start