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CopperLicht Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn this engine?
Download the free editor, create a small scene, select as target 'WebGL' and hit publish. Then download the SDK and read through the tutorials, and play with them. You don't need the editor, but for learning, it makes everything much easier. You probably need about one hour to get familiar with mostly everything in the API.
What does CopperLicht mean?
It doesn't mean anything special. The 'Copper' part shows that CopperLicht was originally intended only to be the WebGL rendering backend for the CopperCube editor. The 'Licht' part is German and means 'Light'. Maybe one reason for this could also be that the main developer of CopperLicht is also the original author of the popular 3d engine 'irrLicht'.

Is CopperLicht really free to use?
Yes it is. It is also open source. Also CopperCube, the editor for CopperLicht is free.

Can I use CopperLicht without the editor, CopperCube?
Yes, you can. The third tutorial, 'Custom Scene Nodes' shows for example how.

Can I use CopperLicht to create a commercial application?
Of course you can. Have fun.

Can I create a game using CopperLicht?
Yes, you can. CopperLicht doesn't restrict what types of applications can be created with it.

Can I get the source code of CopperLicht?
Yes, you can. The source is included in the SDK.

What is the difference between CopperLicht and CopperCube?
It's quite easy, although the names can be a bit confusing, right:
  • CopperCube: An editor which can create 3D applications for various targets, such as Flash and WebGL.
  • CopperLicht: A 3D programming library, displaying 3D graphics in WebGL. CopperLicht is a part of CopperCube, and draws the WebGL graphics, when CopperCube publishes stuff to WebGL. Since this programming library also can be useful to other people, Ambiera made it available to be used for free to everyone.

When I start a website using CopperLicht, it says my Browser doesn't support WebGL. What does this mean?
WebGL is very new and as the time of this writing, not a lot of Browsers support this feature, but this will change in the near future. See the webgl browser support website to see what you can do to make the webgl application run on your computer.

Is it possible to show WebGL content also in Internet Explorer?

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 supports WebGL.
If you need CopperLicht to run in an old version of Internt Explorer there is a simple way to make this work anyway. There is a plugin called IEWebGL which provides WebGL functionality in this browser. By replacing the standard JavaScript code generated by CopperCube with another one (see below), all WebGL content will then run in the standard browsers, and, if viewed in InternetExplorer also there, by loading this plugin automatically.
It works like this: When using CopperLicht or Coppercube, your code usually looks like this:

<div align="center">				 
	<canvas id="3darea" width="640" height="480" 
<script type="text/javascript">
		'3darea', 'copperlichtdata/test.ccbjs');
To make this also work in InternetExplorer as well, simply replace it with the following code and also place this, the javascript copperlicht_iewebgl.js file at the location of your code:
<div align="center">				 
	<div id="3darea" width="640" height="480"
<script src="copperlicht_iewegl.js" 
type="text/javascript"> </script>
<script type="text/javascript">
		'3darea', 'copperlichtdata/test.ccbjs');
That's it, now your WebGL app also runs in InternetExplorer.

I need some help programming some additional features for my project.
If you need some custom extensions or programming work to be done for your project using CopperLicht, simply contact us. We can either give you some hints for free how to do this, or alternatively, we also offer paid contract work.