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Visual Scripting in Game Guru..CC needs this!
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Registered User
2022-03-09 20:35:31

Yhea it would be amazing if this programmer could do what he did for Gameguru to Coppercube, not sure if it's possible but it would be great. We are in need of a better way to visually arrange behaviors and actions in the editor or get a framework that can read the JS files and arrange them and load it back into CC .


2022-03-10 02:19:13

That looks interesting definitely but CopperCube's default method is not too bad - sure, its not in one place to view everything together like in the video - you have to drill down into menus but still easy to use compared to most game engines out there....

That asset is like $30 US so costs more than what I paid for GameGuru years ago...and don't use it myself as found it crashed a lot and so gave up on it. (not to mention its more like a level editor than a full blown game engine)

The idea of converting menu driven items into javascript code however sounds good to me for when you want to go to the next level and add more complex stuff in while stiull haveing all code in one section....maybe Niko could one day add that in...

2022-03-12 14:49:50

Check out Game Guru Max Alpha

VR (Steam, Oculus, other)
Dynamic Lua System (Sort of like visual scripting)
Stand Alone Multiplayer.
Robust LUA scripting Language
UX Designer
Multiple Levels (Not just a level editor)
DX12 and PBR

The only limitation in my opinion is that there is only an FPS Camera but it destroys copper cube on all other fronts if you can write LUA.

But if you can't code... It actually is quite limiting

2022-03-12 15:07:23

@Juice, sounds too good to be true and no offence at all. But only the day you can confirm that game guru runs without restrictive account and online bothering on weaker Linux systems with free graphics drivers (for free) I might surely be interested. At least that's what CopperCube has to offer today ...

Registered User
2022-03-12 16:37:32

@Juice,I have bought Game Guru and Game Guru Max and probably most known game engines but still i find Coppercube my first choice engine to use.

2022-03-13 20:58:18

I also have both...

For a first person shooter experience Game Guru Max Destroys Coppercube...

But it is the only thing that the engine does.

Registered User
2022-04-03 06:07:23

Errr... If there was a Visual scripting platform for Coppercube that generates behaviors, would it be nice

Registered User
2022-04-03 19:12:03

Visual scripting would be nice, but, Coppercube's programming scheme is already extremely simplified and easy, but I had an idea, we can do the visual scripting on a simple sheet of paper, so it helps a lot for a better visualization of the idea to be programmed. I really like to play in other engines and I was impressed how Coppecube is easier to create games than other engines, including Godot which is considered the easiest to create games, it is still much more difficult and laborious to create anything ! And you can be sure that practically everything done in a Godot is possible to do similar or even the same in Coppercube, just creativity and ideas! Coppercube is amazing, Niko is to be congratulated for his great work and also for his collaborators such as Just in case, who makes extremely professional plugins and helps everyone to create better games!

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