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How get parent node?
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2022-03-14 15:46:09

Hi there,

you know we can get child nodes from a parent node by using ccbGetChildSceneNode

Would there be otherwise any solution for getting the parent node of from child node?

Unfortunately "ccbGetParentSceneNode" doesn't exist in CopperCube's scripting reference. Checking an array of all scene nodes might consume lots of resources for the purpose I guess?

Thanks for any ideas.

2022-03-18 00:11:05

This checks the entire scene recursively, with a depth max of ten. When too slow, try run it once to write each child with its parent to a simple array (or two arrays, with corresponding indicies), Wouldn't worry about a few hundred bytes in resources.

var s = ccbGetSceneNodeFromName("cubeMesh2");
var p=ccbGetRootSceneNode();
var count_recursive=0; // must be global

var parr=ccbGetSceneNodeParent(p,s);

alert(ccbGetSceneNodeProperty(parr, "Name") ); // this works only in WebGL

function ccbGetSceneNodeParent(p,s)
var rett=0;
var c=ccbGetSceneNodeChildCount(p);
for (i=0; i<c; i++)
var kid=ccbGetChildSceneNode(p,i);
if(kid==s) {return p;}
if (ccbGetSceneNodeChildCount(kid)>0)
if (count_recursive < 10)
return rett;

Registered User
2022-03-18 10:08:03

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2022-03-18 11:16:15

You're welcome. Notice when using recursive function calls (when a function calls itself) there is always some risk of a stack overflow (and crash), for example when there is an internal loop between a parent-child relation. Therefor the count_recursive variable makes sure there's a limit to the recursion depth. That variable must be declared outside the function, so it keeps it's value when the function ends = is kind of global (contrary to local).

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