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Registered User
2022-04-06 13:13:13

About 2005 I started making websites for fun and friends. Starting with NVU, via Kompozer and BlueGriffon (that suddenly stopped on Mac) I found RocketCake. Im the meantime I learned some HTML and CSS. RC is fantastic. HTML and CSS are somewhat complicated and extended. But so is Wordpress.
Since I have RC I 'played' a lot with it and make my sites all with one or more master-pages and Contentplaceholders. To keep myself 'Rocket-fit' I regularly set up in a few minutes a small site with 'tips and trucs' trails such as semi overlapping containers, partly transparant. Using 'faux columns', Trials with different CSS positions, width, height etc. different 'breaking points', you name it. Those I save as simple templates. I hope you continue to keep RC 'in the air'.
See two of my first operational sites:
By the way I am 83 years and stil learning!

Registered User
2022-04-07 10:43:38

Also love RocketCake. Wow, 83 and still creating websites! Nice!

Registered User
2022-05-14 18:11:31

I used to use Dreamweaver professionally but for my own work i have tended to handcode tableless css designs with server side includes for desktop/laptop computers/monitors. Creating responsive sites this way has been beyond me.

Looking forward to Rocket Cake enabling me to have a mobile version of some of my sites. Have not got the time to redo all the pages. One of my sites has 384 indexed pages and another one 122 pages.

Probably just do the most important 6-8 pages as a mobile version (a sub-domain of the main site) and link from the main site and vice versa.


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