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Recording Outputted Generated/Processed Audio to a Wav File

Registered User
2022-04-23 02:24:58

Hi all,

I am using CSharp .NET and I am still pretty new to irrKlang.

I am currently trying to take an existing wav file and apply 3D sound processing to it and then render a new wav file with the applied changed. I have found a reference to ISoundMixedOutputReceiver being released for V1.3.0 in the changelog which I believe is my answer. However I cannot find any reference to how to use this in the documentation?

I assume the wav writing process may be similar to the IAudioRecorder and I have seen references to that while hunting around the forums but I am still quite confused.

Does anyone know how to use this or is anyone able to point me to a tutorial/documentation?

Many thanks!

Registered User
2022-04-23 07:40:31

I found this, although it's for C++, I think it might work similar in CSharp:

Registered User
2022-04-23 15:23:55

Really appreciate the help! I've have looked through the code in the thread you sent and have attempted to implement the interface but even in the irrKlang.NET4 file in my project I cannot find any reference to ISoundMixedOutputReceiver.

Below is my rough attempt at recreating the code in CSharp but "ISoundMixedOutputReceiver" just has a red line underneath it. (I also have "using IrrKlang" at the top).

public class SoundReceiver : ISoundMixedOutputReceiver
public int mSampleRate;
public char[] mData;

public void OnAudioDataReady(object Data, int ByteCount, int PlayBackRate)

Thank you for your help!

Registered User
2022-04-23 23:56:05

Okay, so I have been looking through and I have found reference to ISoundMixedOutputReceiver but only in the C++ documentation (it was underscore separated which is why I couldn't find it before in the SDK folder). It appears to not be in any of the .NET documentation though.

I am wondering if this feature is only present in the C++ version of IrrKlang. In which case, I will have to figure out how to go about fitting C++ code into my CSharp project.

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