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Tip: organising your Extensions

2022-04-28 18:19:50

If you develop extensions you will notice it can become confusing.

action_MoveElastic.js or something like that are customised for every different project you have.
Then when you load some example project to learn from then these extensions are added to your CC Editor aswell.

My dumb and simple solution is this:

My ccb projectfile is let say named ScaryHillGame-v3.24b.ccb
with version number v3. iteration 24 variation b

all, that means every extension (actions + behaviors) that I use in this file are named the same like this:

the added sh letters are keeping my extensions nicely together in the windowsExplorer window, where sh ofcourse stands for ScaryHill.

Then every extension gets a description that reflects the game file it is intended for like this:

/* <action jsname="action_shMovePosition" description="sh:Move Position">
<property name="MoveBy" type="vect3d" default="0.0, 5.0, 0.0" />

the description="sh: are keeping my extensions nicely grouped together in the CC Editor ExtensionExplorer window.

Hopefully you find this little trick usefull.

2022-04-28 20:00:45

Good! An interesting thing!

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