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Light mapping doesn't create shadow?
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2022-05-16 18:40:48

I change the material of the objects to static lightmap, but it still get shadow by directional light instead when I did light mapping

Another question, what is the tileset when create terrain, and how many is reasonable?

2022-05-16 19:33:43

You need to turn off real-time shadows in the root scene node's attributes. That will disable the dynamic light shadow if that is what you want. For your second question, terrains are a bit of pain in CC. Try 1000 and 30 for the tileset. If you adjust CC's grid to 100, that's roughly 1 km of terrain I guess. It's the best I've been able to get it in CC. I don't really use the terrain because I can't get rid of the texture blur on it, and I like low-res textures. Hope this helps.

2022-05-17 07:12:09

Thank, but I realise that terrain could only chose dynamic material, it can't get backed shadow.

Such a pity that this engine can get backed shadow and real time shadow at the same time...

2022-05-17 13:31:43

You can also enable irrlicht settings in "menu>view", then when you restart coppercube, you will get access to a lot more options for the material settings for each texture.

Generally, static light mapping is used with normal-maps (an additional texture) to generate bump-detailed shadows onto the first texture - if the second texture is missing, the static-light mapping will behave exactly the same as "none". As well as the additional normal-map textures, you also need a static light source in the scene to enable static light-mapping.

Dynamic lighting is used to create natural shadows - and realtime shadows calculates the occlusion of objects in realtime. There are additional settings for all of them such as shadow detail, resolution, shininess etc. but it will require a little experimentation to get the effect you're after.

just_in_case has been doing a lot of research into making his own shaders for coppercube, he has a few plugins available for creating reflection and roughness.

Personally, I use dynamic textures on anything that moves, so the shadow behaves naturally - and "dynamic" on almost everything else. I use "none" on things that are not a major part of the scene so the engine isn't wasting resources calculating lighting on something in the background which will never be seen close up.

I then use static/normal-mapped textures on detailed things like guns because the static-light can be used to impart more detail than the texture can and can also create a muzzle flash by reflecting light off the model.

Also, in irrlicht settings, there is "emission" for the textures so you can create a glow of light and adjust the perceived brightness of your textures/materials.

If you don't want dynamic lighting on terrain, you can import a terrain-map model instead (I think it also works on height-map terrains, but not sure- Robo would know) and then simply select the lighting method in the material tab of your new terrain model.

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