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outlining text

2022-05-29 09:43:35

it seems I cannot outline text with"
backlash T +"\t" to the 2DOverlay panel

backlash N +"\n" to the 2DOverlay panel
work as expected; create a new line
ofcourse panel text property is set to: multiline

solutions anyone ???

2022-05-29 10:16:02

I don't know what do you mean by outlining the text?
if you wanted to use regexp characters in your scripts then "\t" is for tab characters not for outlining text.
If that's what you are trying to do.

2022-05-29 13:35:49

Hi Just_In_Case

I just want to put my scores in columns
on a single 2D Overlay Panel.

To limit the amount of stuff in the game
I try to use just one 2d Panel for scores
One line of text for the Player
And another one for the Enemy.
Separated by a newLine code "\n"
no complains about that, it works.

since western texts are by default outlined
to the left side and grow to the right
"0 points" and "100 points" do not fit nicely in columns under one another.
Normally you can correct that by placing tab codes "\t" in the text string.
But is does not seem to work - it makes just one character.

Now I must do a char count in my substrings and stuff them
with spaces from the front to give them equal length, but I am
lazy and think the tab feature is there so maybe my
application needs a little tweeking.

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