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Multiple choice parameter for action scripts
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2022-05-29 13:51:15

How do I make a Multiple choice parameter,
for my actions and behaviors ?

the action "Change Position of a Scene node"
has the multipkle choice parameter:
"Set Position Type" with the following options:
- "Set Fixed Position"
- "Move by Vector"
- "Set Relative to a Scene Node"
- "Move by Vector into Facing Direction"

I need that ability also but did not find it in the manual.

2022-05-29 17:46:02

There is no Enum support for the custom scripts. We can't create multiple-choice-based properties in behaviors and actions.
I need that too from the very beginning when I started creating behaviors and actions. Now I need it more when I am creating super complex shader extensions.

2022-05-29 19:15:53

I am converting VP sound FX ideas for reverb and echo etc.

to a Prefab ccb/ccp file and js action class.

Solving multiple choice; "Looped", "Play_Once", "Nothing",
by using the execute function with a choice string.
From there I am calling getter, setter and play and stop functions
and using sliders to play with parameters, volume delay offset etc.
Still in very early stages, may not get finished any time soon.


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