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Linking to a specific container on your site
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Registered User
2022-06-04 09:45:04

This may be a weird question, but I was wondering if you can name ( and then link to) containers. I have a sports website that covers 5 schools and all sports. I'm rebuilding it with Rocketcake, and it is beginning to look like I wanted it to look.

On my index page, there will ultimately be no more than 10 "news" articles that consist of a picture, headline, and opening line. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the full article. I have no problem making that work. I was thinking if I could name the container, I could more quickly update the main page and rotate old articles off.

My thought was build a named page with the full article and container with the opening information. Naming the article page something like BHS-VVB- A122 which would tell me it was the article for BHS Varsity Volleyball, and the first one for the year. I would like to name the headline container on the page the same thing with the addition of maybe a C in front. If I could do that, I could then just build my front page with the number of empty containers, then hyperlink to the headline container that I currently wanted people to see and read

Sorry this is so long, but the idea came about 3 in the morning as I was looking over my in progress site. I'm just trying to set it up the very best way possible for quick and easy updating going forward.

I did a search and didn't see anything, and hoped maybe someone was doing something similar that worked for them. I am really very pleased with the way Rocketcake is working for my site.

Registered User
2022-06-04 11:55:35

I'm not sure if this helps, but you can change the auto generated Id of every element in RocketCake. You can right-click on a container -> HTML Code -> click on the button with the "..." on the top right, and select "Change HTML ID". But I'm not sure if this helps with your specific problem.

Registered User
2022-06-04 13:55:17

Thanks for the reply. After more thought, hyperlink isn't really correct as I put it. Basically, I would like to name a container that would include a picture and text, and be able to save it so that I could have it on 2 pages at the same time. But, I would need many different ones over time.

On many online newspaper sites, their front page will contain several pictures with headlines for different stories, then when you click on it, the entire story opens from another page on the site, which has the same picture, headline, and opening line...but includes the full story below it.

I know that my pictures could be used on multiple pages, but if I could create the picture with headline just once and use it on multiple pages, it would save a good deal of time. I could accomplish it to some degree by just taking the picture and creating a headline and opening line, then saving it all as a jpg. I was just concerned that as the picture size changes for mobile phone vs desktop that the text might not look right.

I hope that makes more sense. I would like to create and save a named container that I could then place on 2 or more pages.

Registered User
2022-06-04 16:13:57

Hi billy,

Use the "accordion technique".

Drop 20 containers in your index page. first container will content your first picture-link, the second container will be blank, third container your second picture-link, the fourth container will be blank... so until complete your 10 picture-link and 10 blank containers.

With Php or your prefered backend software generate the content for containers with "picture-link". It will produce your "initial" updated index page to the user.

Then, use javascript (ajax) to fill the respective "blank" container content with the full article when the user click on the link under the picture.
It will show an "expanding" effect to every container and don't need to create another page.
You could add a link on the full article to close the accordion for the respective container.

I hope you get the idea.

Registered User
2022-06-06 23:49:00

Thanks. I'll play around with that some. I'm still running and uploading everything under a test folder on my site so I can see how various things show up on phone, tablet and laptop. I'm trying to set everything up from the start in a way that will be able to update quickly during various sports seasons. I'm really pleased with the results so far, and happy that I found Rocketcake.

Registered User
2022-06-07 15:39:02

Ok Billy,
If you need some extra help with RC or your code maybe I could help you.

I have experience with databases, frontend, backend, web and standalone applications, so, if you need more help with your project maybe I can give a hand on that.

Just in case, my email:

Regards and success in your project!

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