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2nd Level Menu not disappearing

Registered User
2022-06-18 08:57:45

Hi, hope you can help with this? Not sure if a bug or I'm doing something wrong. Using RocketCake 4.6........

I have a primary menu with three horizontal options.

The 2nd primary menu option has a sub menu with two options.

When I preview, hovering over the second primary menu option shows the sub menu.

If i move to either primary menu option 1 or 3, the sub-menu disappears.

If I move up into the header or body of the page, the highlighted primary menu option un-highlights, but the sub-menu remains.

I hope I've explained that OK?!

Thanks in advance for any advice.

2022-06-18 15:08:52

I think you've explained it nicely, thanks. I've tried to reproduce the issue, but it doesn't happen for me, it seems to work well. With what browser does that happen? If you like, you can also send me the .rcd file where this happens, on this website see support -> contact, there is also a mail address printed.

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