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What's the different between using different scenes vs ccb files
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2022-06-18 11:48:52

If we hide/unhide object carefully, is it really need to use different scenes or 1 scene is enough?

I hear use multiple scenes/ccb file reduce ram use, but I don't exactly know the different between these two, can anyone explain?

2022-06-18 15:04:05

using a different ccb files clear out the ram and cache memory used by the game by freeing up a lot space. Like it will remove the textures from the memory that has been loaded in the previous ccb, that loads the new level much faster and the game plays more smoothly. However I am not pretty sure if it works the same for sounds and other files. But it does clears the texture cache.

Why I am so unsure, is because changing scenes can play music or sound, if they are playing in your previous scene, that means it remains in the memory. So not really sure if it works for those other files.

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