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Going upstairs

Registered User
2022-06-28 12:03:20

I'm trying to have me some workable stairs (solid ground stairs, not portable stairs) but i keep colliding with the steps -_- So i'm using walkarounds such as having an invisible ramp over them (or make them non-collision and have the ramp under them). Is there any better solution? Can you edit the collision shape of a mesh (other than box/sphere)?
Thank you :)

Registered User
2022-06-28 16:48:48

Without coding - if you make the staircase with individual steps, you could add an "on proximity" cube to each step, to move the player up/forwards on entering proximity of the step.

Place a "proximity" variable to the very bottom step (so it only triggers the proximity events when going upstairs, not when going downstairs).

-Bottom step: on proximity enter, set variable "Climbing?" =1

-Bottom step: on proximity leave, set variable "Climbing?" =0

-All steps: on proximity enter, if variable "Climbing?"=1,
move character up/forwards.

2022-06-28 17:41:24

Make yourself a bunch of 10 X 10 X 10 (default CC cube scale) "stair cubes" with various numbers of steps. Import them into CC and play around with the scale to find a result you like. No need to mess with the collision then or use the ramps you mentioned.

Registered User
2022-06-28 22:32:16

@veganpete but that would make sort of an "automatic climbing", right? I was thinking something simpler: just want them to behave like a flat ramp that you can walk across... I'll consider that idea too, though!

@guest i'm not sure what you mean... if i do that, the stairs remain solid and "collisionable", so i can't walk across them (without jumping). i have indeed a couple of these stair cubes that you mentioned... does the initial scale matter here? (I'm trying to make a fairly big level so i saceld thins down a bit)

2022-07-08 02:09:32

you could use an animation of the player walking upstairs. so when your go close to the stairs the player starts to go up. make sure to set the position of the player to appear at the top of the stairs when the animation ends. animations can be found on mixamo.

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