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Texture slots in animated models
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Registered User
2022-06-29 01:10:53

I know this has been asked before, @just_in_case even made a yt video on the subject, but it's not working for me :(

I have a fbx with three different materials that i'd like to have as three material slots in cc, but i only get one. in his video (, @just_in_case suggests joining the different meshes into one and that should do the trick, but i had no luck with it. I'm not using image textures, just empty plain (although uvmapped) materials... dunno if that may mean something.

that's the files (fbx, blend and a zip with obj+mtl) if anybody fancies having a look





2022-06-29 04:16:07

I added the texture slots to your .obj file. You're going to have to add it to Mixamo again and redo your animations. I'm not a big fan of FBX so I try to avoid that file type like the plague. I can't open your .blend file in my version of Blender, either. All I did was assign the textures to your model, so it's not the vertex color baked or anything. You could make a zombie monk or something now. About your question about the stairs, I must not understand what you mean by "walk across the stairs." Perhaps you could post a picture of what you mean in your post about the stairs. I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Cheers.

2022-06-29 05:07:36

The reason you don't have any material slots for your FBX model is, that the model itself is not using any textures, there are only vertex-colored materials. You can simply try adding textures to your model in blender, by going into the shading window and then assigning an image texture as the base color for your materials, and then exporting the model again as a .fbx file with Copy mode so that the textures get embedded within the .fbx file.

if you are into using vertex-colored models, I suggest you use them.DAE models, in fact.DAE and .B3D models are best to use within CC. DAE models support vertex color in cc, so you don't have to do any fiddling with them, just import your model and it will be imported with all the vertex colors.

.Obj models with .mat info files provided, already show all the materials to me in CC. You can either apply textures to that as @guest has already done for you and then apply the animations to that, or you can simply assign textures to the already animated model in blender 3d and then export it again from there.

On a side note, Always make sure You have turned off the Group similar materials option in the CopperCube editor If you don't use Irredit/Irrlicht options for materials stuff. Otherwise, you won't be able to see all the materials in the materials tab cause if any of the materials is using the same textures will be grouped as one.

Hope, that bit of info helps.

Registered User
2022-06-29 08:57:39

(In the next comment) is your .obj file as a ccb with 3 empty material slots for your own textures. (Like Guest did, I've also added a texture file as a template, so you can edit your own colours.)

I simply converted the .obj to.dae (with no textures) - coppercube recognised 3 empty texture slots and added the vertex colours (as just_in_case stated). Colouring with vertex saves space/memory as you don't need a texture file. I may be wrong - but think you can even colour this way, directly in Coppercube, using the polygon editor - great for adding colour to blank models without textures!

You can either use it un-textured (with vertex colours) or you can add textures to the 3 material slots. (If you add textures, you can go to irrlicht settings to make his eyes glow or his necklace reflect metal etc). If you need to, I think you can right-click the model and select "clear vertex colours".

Between these 3 different replies, hopefully you should have enough info to get it working? In most cases, it's just finding the right "pipeline" workflow for yourself; if you can find a single tool that can import/export your models into a format for coppercube - for me that's "Ultimate Unwrap3DPro", for others, it's Blender (with the "Better FBX eporter" plugin), some use fragmotion or character-FX, Cinema4D, iClone or Anim8or etc. There are loads of free tools to explore, some are easier than others to use but you'll definitely find a free one that suits your workflow and manages to load the textured models into ccb for you.

-For animated characters in coppercube, you're stuck with either filmbox.fbx or direct.x format - but be aware that FBX has many older/newer protocols (all confusingly called FBX) but each protocol is handled differently by most softwares. Mixamo (for example) allows several FBX versions when you export - all are handled differently by Coppercube. So, it may be a case of just exporting your FBX using a slightly different FBX protocol, then "randomly", they will work - there are plugins for most 3D modeling softwares for tweaking/converting this - once you find something that works for you- write it down lol.

-I've not managed to find a specific Coppercube FBX export plugin anywhere yet though - but with trial and error, you can find your own working pipeline, there are several "Unity" exporters that can sometimes work with coppercube.

- To be fair,it's not so much a Coppercube problem, just the fact that there are so many different 3D formats and each one (over the years) has been updated many times and sometimes this break older compatibility. When you download models, they'll all be in different formats with different methods for materials/texturing/colouring/compression - vertex, voxel, pixel, bitmap, jpeg, png, dds, normals, pbr, etc - all with different featuers such as transparency/compression/per-pixel colouring etc. If you go onto Unity forums, 3D printing forums, modelling forums, you'll see the exact same problems pop up for other 3D applications - time and time again. Sometimes you can grab some really handy info/software by scouring through posts for other related software issues and find that it also works for coppercube.

-If you want to get deeper into it in the future, whenever you have a blank (unpainted/un-textured) model you can go to the coppercube polygon editor, select the individual faces of the model, then just add your own image files/photos to the model by clicking "add image", then double click the added image to add the texture directly to the selected polygon faces - very quick and simple - coppercube will generate it's own material slots as you go and then you can have photo-realistic textures of your own making. You can then also use the mouse buttons (and mouse drag) to tweak the scale/rotation/position of the textures in the polygon editor.

Registered User
2022-06-29 09:38:48

Here's the download link for the new model, the texture file and the ccb scene file...

*Sorry for double-posting, the forum was glitching the download URL (probably because my comments are too long).

Registered User
2022-07-01 02:01:04

Thank you very much people you rock the world! Sorry for the late reply I'm abroad at the moment. I'll check all that out in the next days as soon as I have a moment (and a quiet room to work too), but it looks like my doubt is more than solved -- and if it wasn't you guys even made the hard work for me! Thanks!
I'll post a pic of it as soon as i implement this!

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