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RC Recovery
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Registered User
2022-06-29 15:03:49

I save all of my RC files/folders to my computer but also to an external hard drive. We have so many sudden electrical storms in my area and that worries me. I am not very savvy on these things.

If I lose my files, including RC, and I have to download and install RC again will I be able to open the RC files/folders that are saved to my external HD without any issues?

Registered User
2022-06-30 13:45:27

AFAIK, you only need the .rcd file. But it is also always a good idea to backup all the other files as well, of course.

To try out if it works, just take the rcd file and open it on another PC.

Registered User
2022-06-30 17:05:57

Thanks. I was not completely fault.

If I lose my current RC publisher (due to storm, etc), and files, and have to download and install a new RC publisher will the new RC be able to open the rcd files that I have saved to an external hard drive without any problem...or will I have to start completely over and redesign new website pages?

Registered User
2022-06-30 19:22:45

Yes, should work. But if want to be sure, you could also just backup the Rocketcake installer in addition to your .rcd file.

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