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Graphics menu help

Registered User
2022-07-04 06:30:00

I am relatively new to copper cube, and I am wondering how to make a graphics menu, or settings menu in general, for players who cant handle high graphics.

2022-07-04 07:18:42

You can create some basic settings for graphics with the help of javascript. Like you can set draw distance with the help of camera Z-Far value, and can have anisotropic and bilinear filter On and OFF, You can use my LOD_filter shader to decrease or increase the texture quality and many other stuff, It totally depends on you what options you want to provide to the end user, all of the options will require basic javascript code to either put a value or to turn on or off some toggles.
Like you can enable or disable real-time shadows with help of javascript. enable or disable the fog and other things that you would like to do in your game.

Registered User
2022-07-04 10:59:39

Thank you, this helped and I will use this knowlage in the furtue aswell. Thank you.

FreeDOM Games
2022-07-17 13:59:54

Actually yes, you can change draw distance, anti alias, but in fact coppercube dosent feature an high graphics that an low end pc cant handle

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