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Will there be a way to move cursor with commands?

Registered User
2022-07-18 19:39:39

So, while creating my first person camera controller, I only came up with one way to keep my cursor centered (or rather, constantly move it back to the center) - to use built-in first person controller along with my custom one. And I don't think that it is good, since you're running two behaviors at once, which is, yeah, doesn't really affect the performance that much, but still, it's not the best way to handle controls.

I know about ccbGetMousePosX and ccbGetMousePosY commands, but will there be something, like for example, ccbSetMousePosX and ccbSetMousePosY?

2022-07-18 20:29:52

if you want to create a FPS Crosshair that Always remains in the center and don't wiggle with mouse movement, then you can use my custom mouse cursor extension available on my website

for setting ccbSetMousePosX and ccbSetMousePosY, you should read this thread here.

hope that helps.

Registered User
2022-07-18 20:53:26

No, not really.

I am using cursor to rotate the camera with mouse, so, moving mouse to the right, camera moves to the right as well and cursor is being recentered. Don't know if you understand it, but simply: camera movement with mouse.

I don't really need crosshair, since I do have one in my game... And it wiggles, but not because of cursor, but because of weapon (crosshair follows the barrel direction).

2022-07-18 21:03:21

ahh okay, and sorry the post was meesed due to unclosed URL tag so you weren't able to see the answer regarding the SetMousePos.

Also you should check @SmnMhmdy's Third Person Camera controller, it uses the FPS camera to rotate the third person camera with Mouse I think, am not sure though but you should give it a try.

Registered User
2022-07-18 21:40:09

Yeah, I saw it. And when I did, I realized that there's seemingly no way to do this without built-in first person camera controller (you know, if pro coders even use this, it probably means that there is no other way).

I've made the camera rotation with built-in controller (and even made it that you can change sensitivity). I'm just asking if it will be possible soon to do this without CopperCube first person controller.

Fun fact: each sentence in this text has a word "controller" in it.

2022-07-25 10:00:53

I don't really understand the question but I made this controller demo a couple of years ago when someone else had asked a similar question...

It's a simple 1st or 3rd person GTA-style controller which moves with keyboard or mouse and has- a free-look with mouse which self-centres the camera when the Up/Down movement arrows are pressed.

How does it work? - It simply uses every "few seconds", "Shoot" and "Move AI to last bullet position".

In this demo, the player moves continuously - but obviously, you can change that so the player only moves when you press a key.

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