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[bug?]scengraph explorer
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Registered User
2022-07-23 10:34:43

I have this weird problem were a folder with a bunch of light fittings with lights as children attached continuously expands when I click on the 3D view, other folders with props, doors etc stay closed, just the one with light clones.

I'd just noticed I'd named the light units "light" so I thought maybe it was a shared name but renaming them made no difference

Registered User
2022-07-23 10:40:53

here's the project file, just in case it's me having a Homer moment
Its also Windows 11

2022-07-23 11:34:48

yup, that's a know bug, it is same for everything that's a children of any folder or any other node, it doesn't require to be a lightnode, the reason for that is when you click in your 3D scene the light node's get selected, and it will auto expand the scenegraph explorer to highlight the selected node.
This is already in the todo list of @niko.

Registered User
2022-07-23 12:18:36

ok cool :)

At the moment I just shuffle it about so it's at the bottom of the list.. if anything it's making me more aware of organizing lol

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