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Some QoL request after trying to use other engines

2022-07-24 10:20:33

So after trying other 3d engine, even some of the easiest one like Godot, still doesn't feel comfortable like using Coppercube.

Even if Coppercube doesn't have it's visual scripting (which is not really good in term of UI structure in my opinion), it still feel more easy and comfortable to work with compare to others. I have no ideas why, maybe because of the friendly and simple UI Coppercube has, it's so clean. The other engines show too much information.

One other thing I like about coppercube is despite of it's lack of features, I always feel easy to find some way to work around for what I need. The other engine just make me feel more and more confused with all of their advanced features.

Here's some request for quality of life:

- A Global type of node that can use in multiple level (or better, in multiple ccb file), so remove the pain of copy/past when ever we change some small thing.

- A better way to manage pretab/texture, like put them into folders or use different tabs, or combine both... instead of using two box for pretab and texture

- Simplify the toolbar by grouping it:

Exp: group cube/sphere/cylinder/cone into one "create a mesh" icon. Group all the lighting types in to 1 "create a light" icon

- A better way to write script like using some external code editor. The box to write scripts is suck.

- The editor saves changes in the UI.

- The extension to change the UI icons and add shortcuts is very good, I especially like the icons, much easier to see than the default icons. Wish it can make into the next version

(Not necressary because I would rather using javascript anyway): better way to show actions within a behaviour, like using a tree-like parent/child node style, you don't have to "open" a behaviour to see each action, and then open an action to see another action in it, very confused when you need to quick check back what you did with your visual scripting.

I recommend take a look at Gdevelop or Construct 3 visual scripting system, their visual scripting system is the best.

Registered User
2022-07-25 13:34:52

Hi Guest. It is nice to see that you think so much for improvement of CopperCube. In the end I think that it is ultimately the choice of the developer of CopperCube to introduce new features.

I would like to say thank you very much for your contribution.

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