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Header question

Registered User
2022-09-01 22:46:35

Please look at my website at and look at my header. I used Serif WebPlus X8 to create this website. As many of you know, Serif discontinued the product. I am re-creating the website using RocketCake but I'm a little lost as the technology of website creation has changed and I am not familiar with a lot of the new techniques.

On my website the header consists of the hill graphic, the logo graphic and the text box. In Serif I could overlay each object where I wanted it and it would stick.

I am asking the community for help in doing something similar in RocketCake. With a responsive website, it does things I am not that familiar with. And, if you can recommend a printed resource or book that can bring this "oldster" up to speed with current technology - remember that I am an architect not a programmer so it's got to be entry level.

Thanks so much, everyone.

2022-09-02 07:19:45

You can do that in a similar way easily. Just put a container as header, and place your logo in there. Maybe divide it with two containers, one for the menu, the other for the logo.

You can also use the "Office Consult" template, it has a logo/text similar as you want to to look like, I think.

Registered User
2022-09-22 16:37:56

Is there a technical reference available for how websites are created using this software?

The use of containers, etc. is a little out of my skill set as I am a residential building designer and not a techie.

Please help.

2022-09-23 06:57:37

There is the official documentation:

But the easiest way to get a nice overview is to just read through the first tutorial, how to create a responsive website:

Registered User
2022-10-05 19:57:14

Did you ever figure out how to create your website on rocketcake?

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