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Registered User
2022-09-03 22:34:48

Is there a code to draw a picture in Coppercube?

2022-09-03 23:20:05

with hlsl maybe, but i don't understand how hlsl work.

2022-09-03 23:48:42

Depends on what you mean by draw a picture. One option I've seen used in other engines is to make a grid out of many smaller planes and paint them individually. You can do this a number of ways. For example if you want a painter to paint a picture for a horror game or something, you can make that grid of separate white planes over the picture and delete or set them transparent to reveal the image under it as the picture is painted. You can also vertex paint in realtime with a plane that has a very high grid resolution. You can set the vertices to transparent as you paint over an image or just use color alone. You will have to use coding for the last example, but I'm fairly certain the first is possible with just visual scripting. I'd still make a code to place the grid for me bc well I'm lazy.

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