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WebGL in CopperCube
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Registered User
2022-09-05 02:55:26

Can a WebGL game made with CopperCube on be concerted to an apk file using web2apk or do I have to have my own website?
And how effective is the web2apk app on PC and does it always convert the websites to apk or it does not work every time.

2022-09-06 10:23:37

Yes, it will work fine without needing an actual server, some of my discord member uses web2Apk to create android apps from their webGL games. Most of the time it works just fine in converting webpages to apk without any issues, you can even do many customizations in there, like setting permissions and app icon and other things. So yeah, web2apk is a great tool to port your WebGL games to apk.

Registered User
2022-09-06 13:50:30


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