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Spot lights
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2022-09-06 17:07:23

For those who don't know that CC supports spot lights by converting any light into a spot light with the help of irredit/irrlicht properties.

recently @robo asked a question on steam page of Coppercube regarding how to change the direction of spotlights?

So I thought to bring this up here in case anyone else wants to do the same and is not aware of how to change the direction.

you can simply convert the light into a directional light, and can then select the green box that shows up, when we switch light to a directional one in order to control its direction, while the greenbox to control the direction is selected simply change the light type back to spot light and you will still be able to move the greenbox around in your scene, controlling the direction of the spotlight.

Hope this bit of info helps you in creating your own spotlights in game.

2022-09-12 01:25:43

What does a spotlight do/how do I use it? - When I change the directional light to a spotlight (in Irrlicht setting)s, it doesn't seem to do anything other than turn off the dynamic lighting of the scene.

2022-09-13 10:46:39

Well it is similar to point light but with direction to control the light directions, and instead of light scattering all around it scatters in a spot. Flashlights are generally spotlights. They only emit lights at certain angles and direction.

2022-09-13 12:52:29

AH, ok.Thanks - might be handy for lighting my scene. I'll have a play around. I had seen the lighting option in irrlicht settings before but never noticed that spotlight did anything. I presume it uses static lighting/normal maps.

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