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Vertex Colours?

Registered User
2022-09-14 14:08:21


is it possible to edit the vertex colours for individual tri's in coppercube - or can we only use textures/material-lighting?

I notice when I import a model which was painted with vertex colours, the colours are ignored/reset by coppercube.

The "set vertex colour" option seems to set the colour for the entire mesh, it doesn't seem possible to set vertex colours for selected tri's/faces?

No biggie, I can use 2x2 pixel couloured textures instead and set them with the polygon editor.

Just wanted to know if possible before I start colouring all my low-poly models as I don;t want to waste time painting all the verteces if they can;t be used by coppercube.

A coppercube dropper/colour-picker would be really great, if it's possible to add vertex colouring/painting to a future version...


2022-09-14 14:11:24

Try importing your model as a .dae model and it will be imported with all the vertex colors. I think there is a plugin on the that can be used to set vertex color, I am not sure if it will work for individual colors or not.

2022-09-14 16:48:41

No, it won't allow you to do that by default. I wrote a script that will allow you to set the vertex color if you add a material to that face. You just select the faces with the polygon tools you want to change and then apply a new texture to them and then run the code. It's an editor plugin.

Make sure you grab the updated version if you decide to use it. Just_In_Case has a shader that does something similar but I have not used it.

Just to note: changing vertex colors in CC has a huge effect on the lighting of the model, at least from my experiments, and I don't recommend using any vertex colors besides brightening or darkening the default vertex color of the model if you plan on using dynamic lighting.

2022-09-14 21:15:42

Thank you both!

I think I'll settle with using textures instead then - as it will be roughly the same amount of work and wont screw up the dynamic lighting. I'll just make some tiny swatches for each material as .tga files are only a few bytes each for single colours. The models are very low poly soselecting the individual faces should be fairly easy/fun to do.

2022-09-15 08:27:58

Well .Dae models will automatically have all the vertex colors if you import them. Yeah, you need to have multiple materials in order to apply individual colors if you want to do them directly in CC, even with the shader or plugin.

best is to convert your model into .DAE and import them in CC.
or use the polygon editing tools to create multiple materials for your models.

Registered User
2022-09-15 08:39:36


Yeah, that explains it - I was adding the vertex colours but exporting as wavefront.obj - good to know that collada.dae supports vertex colours in CCB and there are a few options to tweak them if I want to.

I'll have a play with them and see how it looks; I can't decide whether to use vertex-coloured low-poly models for all the weapons or textured materials.

Textured looks great in-game but low-poly vertex-coloured looks good with tiny file-size and low-resources, so I'm tempted to re-do everything with low-poly and vertex colours for performance. If vertex colours are gonna look trash with dynamic-lighting though, I wont bother wasting time to convert them all, I'll just keep as is (textured/materials).

Thanks again everyone, really helpful as usual!

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