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problem with jump

2022-09-17 17:54:35

Hello !

I am creating a third person platform game. I created a characted and placed a camera under him ( third person ).
The result is perfect, the characters move with the keyboard....etc
BUT there is a big problem ! He can't Jump !!!
I tried everything, i changed the jumpspeed, nothing, i changed the gravity, still nothing.... Please help !

2022-09-18 11:34:01

UPDATE : I made him jump by adding "collisons and gravity" behaviour but he dont fall !!!! He is staying in the air and he is stuck. He can move but he isn't affected by the gravity. He is just a little bit higher when i jump.
pls help !!!

2022-09-18 13:25:53

It could be a few different things. Can you share the ccb file?

If not, try the following:

1- First, check if you're using real-physics or bullet-physics.

2- If the camera has collide with world, you character may be colliding with the camera.

3- check that the yellow collision ellipsoid of your character is slightly above the ground (If it's half-way through the round, it may stop jumping).

4- Check that all other parts of your character have collision turned off in case it's colliding with itself.

5- Check that there are no other objects/planes that have "collision" turned on that could be blocking the character (even hidden objects in the scene will collide).

6- Check that gravity isn't set too high.

7- Click the "pause after jump" in case your jump key is repeating every few milliseconds, due to windows key-repeat".

2022-09-19 14:06:53

You're welcome Michael.

Also.... if you attach a camera to the player, it can affect player movement if "collide with world" is set on the camera (it can sometimes create an earthquake/screen-shake effect) - always make the camera is set to "follow", unless collide with world is turned off.

You can also change the "small collision distance" of players and cameras by checking the coppercube tutorials page to prevent glitches and stutters with bumpy camera movement over un-eaven terrain. I had an annoying problem with vehicles getting stuck on the ground - took me ages to fix it - turned out to be the camera sticking to the terrain, not the vehicles.

Registered User
2022-09-22 10:46:14

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2022-09-22 16:03:09

See my post on your other Collision problem post. If you fix the collision. He should be able to jump.

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