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Gettin started with an rpg.

Registered User
2022-10-22 20:38:51


Quite some time i dreamed about creatin my rpg, and coppercube seems able to make it a reality.

Now, got no skill in codin, though i dabbled with godot, and ideas are checked.

What are your advices to start on, with what kind of tutos, for an open world focused on mysterious exploration and encounters, more than fights?


Registered User
2022-10-22 22:14:54

um, you can do hunting game or a building game,

if you need help im open

Registered User
2022-10-22 23:25:40

Well, it's all bit of hazy so far, but i do know that i want it off the beaten track, with the thrill of discoverin and meetin special characters, not bein stressed by aggro monsters every steps.

Want the world to be realistically immersive, but with an emphasize on mysteries and surnatural, atmosphere shiftin from thriller to adventure to erotism. Always with fun. And the gameplay of an avatar progressin, or regressin, accordin to its choices and actions. Want it simple, minimalist even in its interactions with the environment, with just a click to get, activate, examine, search, speak, strike. And minimalist with the UI.

Thought about a single stat (vital force), to determine the success/failure of your interactions, modified by some won 'grace' points, and your items. It should flows seemlessly :)

Think the best for now is to follow and learn the coppercube documentation, keepin in mind your help offer, most welcome, cheers! :)

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