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Dynamic field and Repeat field
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Registered User
2022-10-24 18:06:18

Hi all,
I have working with the greate software Serif Webplus X8, a superb program which easy to work with.
Sadinly they stop update it.
I'm looking for a new software where I can have dynamic fields with repeating fields with data from a text file.
Can you do that with Rocket cake?
My webpage: where you can see how I want it.


Registered User
2022-10-25 05:55:03

That's an interesting concept!
How would you define which part of the text file goes where? So you have some scripting or graphical editor for this?

2022-10-25 22:40:08

I have an Form in Filemaker which save to an textfile, .txt.
Saved as .sdn - "Resor.sdn" (English: "Tours.sdn")
Text separated with ","

In Serif Webplus X8 they have repeating fields which read the "Resor.sdb"-data.

When I have a new tour, or changes, I open Filemaker, make the changes, save.
Then I open my Webpage in Serif Webplus X8, save, and the software publish with the new data for the repeating fields.


2022-10-26 08:58:28

Interesting, thanks. Will think about adding a feature like this.

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