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How to center images in slideshow?
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Registered User
2022-10-29 23:32:05

I've been trying to set up a slideshow with images in both portrait and landscape format, and want the images to be centered (horizontally if portrait, vertically if landscape) within the slideshow borders. However, I can't find any such option in the slideshow properties. Images are always aligned top left. See my rcd-file.

Is there any way to get the images centered?

2022-10-31 07:15:14

For ImageAdjusting, you have set the option "no scaling". Just set it to "fit to width", then you don't have to align anything.

Registered User
2022-10-31 09:38:09

No, I tried all ImageAdjusting options. None of them centers the images, and all of them align the images top left.

If I set "Fit to width" portrait format images will be blown up to fit width and will be cropped at the bottom.
If I set "Fit to height" landscape format images will be blown up to fit height and will be cropped on the right.
If I set "Cover area" both portrait and landscape format images will be blown up in one or the other direction and cropped bottom or right-

So, if I want a slideshow to present images uncropped and both portrait and landscape formats "No scaling" is the only option, and additionally I will have pre-scale the images in order to match width and height of the slideshow. But anyway, unfortunately all images are aligned top left, and that just doesn't look nice.

Technically, the slideshow works. But in terms of the aesthetics of a page layout, the slideshow (as it is) can reasonably be used only if all images have the same portrait/landscape format and aspect ratio.

Registered User
2022-10-31 19:37:37

I think the images you are using, or the aspect ratio of your slide show might not match, or differ greatly, so the you have this effect. If you adjust this a bit, it might be also a solution?

Registered User
2022-10-31 23:51:08

What you are proposing is exactly what I did. I set the slideshow to 440x440 px, and I scaled the images to 440x286 and 293x440. See the above linked rcd (in browser view).
That works as I want it to work, except that the images are not centered. And that doesn't look nice.

Edit: I have updated the rcd and replaced the dummy images with real images to provide a better impression of what I want to achieve. I want to show a mix of portrait and landscape formats within a square slideshow box, and I want it to look symmetrically, i.e. I want the images to be centered whithin the square slideshow box (horizontally if it's a portrait format, vertically if it's a landscape format).

2022-11-01 06:28:45

Yes, the slideshow is supposed to be used with large images, so that they cover the entire area of the slideshow, and usually with images with the same ratio.
But will probably add a feature like you suggested in a next update.

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