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how to create rope or chains

2022-11-07 05:55:00

Hi, I would like to create a rope that the player grabs and can use to swing, or chains that holds a bridge and can be break to do a destruction.

In short how would you do pysics based rope or chain in coppercube game? or how to create springs and other things.

and No i am not interested in animation based approaches or other things. I only need answers based on physics simulations.


2022-11-07 08:18:24

You could get close to what you want using default coppercube physics - especially for the chains and drawbridge - but I think the swinging ropes would need to be more like the ropes in the very early TombRaider games (which used animation).

I spoke to Niko a while back, he said he'd love Coppercube to have ragdoll physcis but he is working on other things as a priority for Coppercube at the moment.

I advertised (on ffiver) for coders to make us a ragdoll physics plugin for the coppecube community, a few people said they would do it for $300 but some forum members advised that it may have been a scam - so I didn't proceed.

If you want a perfect physics simulation (such as fluid dynamics or rigid-body destruction), personally I don't think be able to achieve that in coppercube at the moment. Coppercube physics engines are designed for simplicity/speed, rather than complexity/realism.

It's probably possible by injecting some existing external code or by a plugin being specifically made for task.

If it's a deal-breaker and your game is going to be heavily based on physics simulation (without any animation workarounds), you could try a different game-engine, such as Blender (armory) - which has plugins already specifically made for that.

Hopefully someone with more experience maybe willing to help you as I've seen the same question a couple of times on the forum before.

Registered User
2022-11-07 11:10:14

I don't think it's impossible, but implementing this for windows target would be a pain - that's for sure. The biggest limitation I see is that you're not possible to add any constraints to the game objects, i.e. limit its movement based on position or rotation of the other one.

If you need to have such type of physics as a core mechanics I would suggest looking into using "webgl" target, i.e. running game in the browser, and use Cannon JS as a physics engine.

Here are some cannon examples:

You can find an example coppercube + cannon project here:

2022-12-03 12:59:00

@VP: Did you solve the chain-physivs within CCB? I've seen some nice three.js samples and would like to recreate them in CCB. Would you mind giving me a tipp to start - many thanks.

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