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Could not create sound buffer, DirectSound8

Registered User
2022-11-10 17:53:04

I'm on Windows 10, booting using bootcamp on Apple Hardware (mac mini).

After doing simply the following (linking the .lib and .dll correctly):

include <irrKlang.h>

void audioInit() {
irrklang::ISoundEngine* sound = irrklang::createIrrKlangDevice();

sound->play2D("res/audio/mp3/wow_spooky.mp3", true);

I get this in my terminal, and no sound output:

irrKlang sound library version 1.6.0
Loaded plugin: ikpflac.dll
Loaded plugin: ikpmp3.dll
Using DirectSound8 driver
Could not create sound buffer

Any ideas?

Registered User
2022-11-10 18:04:34

Trying device enumeration, I get:

0: default device

1: Speakers (Scarlett 18i8 USB)

2: Speakers (Apple Audio Device)

3: Speakers (2- Miktek Procast)

4: Acer B346CK (Intel(R) Display Audio)

Which is actually expected, except for 0, which I don't know what that is.

0 and 1 do not play audio. 2 and 4 do. 3 can, but I'm not interested in using that device.

So, I guess my solution is probably just to have the user of my application pick a device that works, and deal with the ones that don't for some reason.

Registered User
2022-11-11 21:17:01

Does it work when there are speakers plugged in?

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