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Importing .x and .b3d into copper cube give a strange result!

2022-11-16 08:41:37

I have imported a .b3d model into copper cube and it imports fine with model and 2 textures accurately on the model! But the .x version misplaces a portion of the 2 textures by placing a part of the face on the axe ???? and a part of the axe onto the face ???? which is strange! The model was exported from same program with animations and textures the only difference being the model format! Any ideas what’s going on here!?

I did however export a different model from the same program with one texture and exported it as a b3d and it imported fine into copper cube version 6.3!

But the .x file when imported with one texture and the model imported but isn’t visible why?

I have checked it’s size but nothing is there!

But when I import my .x file into another program it shows the model and the texture. Then I export it out as .x from the same program. Then I import it back into copper cube 6.3 and it works showing the texture and the model?

So the program that exports the .x with animation refuses import why? But my second program exports it properly when I import that .x file even the model comes in fine as well the textures and is animating quickly but I slow it down in copper cube to run as it should!

The b3d file doesn’t have these issues it Simply works!

Any help with .x file issues would be good thanks !

Toad ????

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