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Registered User
2022-11-26 02:19:43

my project is an educational video game. I am using coppercube 6 engine and the first scene is a huge 6-floor building... which I have already figured out that I may need to downscale and separate the sections of the buildings and floors into recreated 'rooms' of 1 room per scene.

I already found the behavior command to start a new scene...but what I am looking for is a way to bump into a door or node to activate a pre-trigger quiz or puzzle that needs to be solved before the trigger is allowed to open the door...

any help is greatly appreciated.

2022-11-26 05:44:09

Look in the documentation for the On proximity do something behavior.

"Triggers a user definable action when the active camera or another 3D object moves close to the 3D object this behavior is attached to."

Depending on how complex you want to get, it can carry you a long way. Hope this helps.

Registered User
2022-11-29 02:35:32

I read everything for the second time, but still did not get the answer... or more to the point- it brought up more questions.

I got a quiz coded (with html/java/css) for a website - but dont know where to link it up to inside the game engine editior to make it work in the game...

do I just put the java coding in and ignore the html and css? do i combine all 3 languages into the javascript space in the game editor? do the files need to be in a certain folder to activate the linkages?

2022-11-29 05:09:42

I am not sure if you have created your Quiz in Coppercube as well, If you want your player to show quiz whenever he reaches to a door and then after completion of the quiz open the door, then you need to use Javascript variables with proximity on the door.

For example when in proximity of the door1, check the variable "Quiz1" value, if it's value is "True" then open the door, otherwise switch to quiz and ask the player to complete the quiz on completion of the quiz set the variable 'Quiz1" value to "True" so that the door can be opened.

You can use javascript to trigger all these events.

Registered User
2022-12-01 04:26:35

thats perfect... thanks.

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