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Dark Areas and Black Triangles, though lit (Win, PC)

Registered User
2022-12-16 17:16:33

Hi, I split the first post, seems to be better for searching and answering.

I build a big tank wich lays under earth. It is an existing basin and, though easy said formed like an big L, very complex with different layers of water ways, channels, tunnels and walls. So when I build it, everything was UV unwrapped (realtime seems to not work without?) nevertheless some Polygons may have intersections.

That said, light baking will have some strange effects. One are these very dark areas wich appear to start somewhere in the middle, and sometimes lead to an edge or vertex.

There are 14 pointlights and a sun in the scene, lighting different areas. They mostly show a strange behaviour, I'll show it in another thread, maybe a different reason.

Here are some examples:
The wall should show a triangle, the floor is lit as well as the flat ceiling (see the nice working point light, the exception ^^ )


Again the triangle. It is the backside of the wall, but not the same polygons, the wall has thickness. The floor is well lit (should be). And you can see the POINT light near the ceiling, behaving like a spot. One of 10 wich is doing that. And you can see another side effect: round objects like the pipe will nearly all be faceted.


Last but not least: the Groundplane. It is lit by a parallel or sunlight (don't know the names in the english version), nevertheless it is spread with a big, nearly black and polygonal area, wich does not follow any form of the other geometry. In the Original FBX file this big polygon (devided because of a hole for the entrance) it is also not connected at any vertices, but lays excatly on top of the construction.


What do I have do to avoid this blackness? Thanks alot!

2022-12-24 22:05:04

Whenever this happens to me, I use "weld model" option in Ultimate Unwrap 3D pro. Then when I re-import it to coppercube, it's fixed. I believe blender (or similar) must have a similar option.

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