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Device lost?

Registered User
2022-12-28 04:49:57

Some of my users are complaining about the sound of game disappear suddenly time to time.
At the moment, I can't reproduce the problem but highly assuming that the problem is caused by sound device lost.
Because most of the report mentioned about changing their sound output device like speaker to headphone or vice versa.
Is this right approaches for these problems?
And what can I do about sound device fail-over.

Registered User
2022-12-28 12:58:10

I'm not sure this can be detected in irrKlang. You could probably do it yourself using the getInternalAudioInterface() method or similar.
I think if you are on windows, you can also use the winMM device instead of the default DirectSound one where such an event won't happen.

Registered User
2023-01-05 03:20:12

In previous inquiries, I often received the answer to use the winMM device. Currently, when initializing the device, I first try to create it using the ESOD_AUTO_DETECT flag, and if that fails, I use ESOD_WIN_MM. Is it okay to change it so that ESOD_WIN_MM is used first? If there are any drawbacks or concerns about initializing like this, please let me know.

2023-01-06 13:35:46

Yes, should work. To be sure, test if the audio used in your app still is ok (like for example 3D audio sounds a bit different in WinMM)

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