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CCB to CL; canvas scale problem

Registered User
2023-01-07 18:52:50

I've managed to get a CCB scene working with the CL. But I ran into a weird issue. The html canvas does show up, but 10x smaller compared to full-width + full-height using CCB only.

I'm new to Copperlicht and messed around with CCB + JS.
Any idea why the CCB with a width/height 1920x1080px does show up as 300x150px?

I'm able to force the canvas element to a 100%; but it only "pseudo-scales" the webgl content up - everything is pixelized.

the problem is related to Copperlicht render, somehow...(?)

Registered User
2023-01-07 22:01:06

Update: I forgot to include width/height of the canvas

<canvas id="3darea" width="640" height="480" style="background-color:000000">

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