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(feature request) SVG Image
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Registered User
2023-01-19 18:09:57

Hi Niko,

Would be great if the Image tool would support the SVG file format. When I tried to create an Image and select an SVG file RC shows a message box "Could not load the image".


Registered User
2023-01-19 20:42:37

This should be rolled in with allowing the JFIF extension and the new WEBM and WEBP extensions.

Easy for me to say though, ha ha.

2023-01-20 08:37:11

Yes, SVG support would be nice, will have a look at this. It's not as easy to add like WebP for example unfortunately.

Registered User
2023-01-21 15:14:38

That's what I would have thought. Native SVG probably isn't much easier than native PDF support in RocketCake.

webp and webm I definitely think is worth working on.

JFIF extension support - isn't that as simple as just telling RocketCake to treat it like a JPG? I mean, I just rename JFIF to JPG and then it works fine in RocketCake, allowing the JFIF extension would just let me skip over that step?

2023-01-22 06:33:36

Yes, likely, you probably don't even need to rename the file, it probably works just like with animated gifs. (Haven't tried it out, touhgh) RocketCake usually always tries to copy the file from the original source when publishing.

Registered User
2023-01-23 14:08:28

Maybe for a transition time it would be acceptable to just show the outline of the SVG image (a placeholder) in the RC editor.

Registered User
2023-01-23 16:33:20

You can insert SVG images in RocketCake. It's just a little uncomfortable currently:
Insert a HTML Code element from the Tool Set.
Size it as if it was the image.
Right-click on it and select Edit Code.
Insert the code snippet
<svg version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink=""
viewBox="0 0 400 400" >
<image width="400" height="400" xlink:href="favicon.svg"></image>

Adjust viewBox and image dimensions to fit your image.
Replace image file name with your image's file name.
Adjust the image path (this example assumes that image and HTML file sit next to each other in one directory).

You won't see the SVG in the editor but you can see it in the Preview if you put a copy into the preview folder.

For more detail see

Registered User
2023-01-24 11:49:27

micaelo thank you.
Actually what I meant is to use SVG files as a source in an IMG tag, like so:
<img src="mylogo.svg" />

Basically, when we add a RC "Image" we should be able to select an SVG file as well (created by an external application).

But maybe your idea with adding HTML Code element will work as work-around for the time being, so thank you.

Registered User
2023-01-25 11:40:29

Well, yes, you can use this shorter code snippet as well. But again, since RocketCake currently does not allow just picking and inserting a SVG image you will have to use the HTML Code insert instead to specify position and size of the image, and then enter the code snippet:
<img src="mylogo.svg" width="100%" height="auto" alt="" />

I have tried it (it works) and added this alternative to my tutorial page on SVG images:

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