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Emissive Shader in CC

2023-01-28 00:04:52

I have lot of mesh with its own emissive texture that I want to dynamically blend into the main texture by changing the emissive level.

At the moment you can have the emissive texture by itself and or the main texture by itself but not both combined while using all the existing CC lights except for one but that wont adjust the emissive levels.

Thus would need to be built into CC and not a separate user created shader.

This would make adding emissive textures a breeze instead all the trouble of creating a new copy of the mesh and using the emissive on that only - should not have to do that...

2023-01-28 04:43:56

Maybe use a plane with the Emissive texture alpha channel and but it right in front of the Emissive possition in the mesh. Then just hide/unhide/change color when needed? By this way you don't have to copy the who mesh, just need the texture.

2023-01-28 07:30:49

Yep, thanks Guest - I have actually been doing that exactly - making copies of the affected area and then joining together later into single mesh with emmisive texture....

For some mesh takes a while though as lots of different sections...a good game engine makes difficult and time consuming tasks easy...wish CC would have this like almost every other 3d game engine out there..

2023-01-28 08:57:01

You can still do that without actually creating copies of the mesh and then joining them together. Yes, you will still require user created shader, if you want you can use my blend textures together shader there is also an overlay version buried somewhere in the forums.

Then if you are using the preview build you can use the RTT api command.

You need to create a plane mesh and an extra camera, that covers the whole planemesh, then simply apply the shader on that planemesh to blend the emissive and main texture together and then with the help of the RTT command create a new texture out of it, and use that new texture on your main object node on which you want both textures blended together.

It will work with CC's inbuilt lighting, this way you can also utilize most of other shaders of mine, and can use them to work together with CC's inbuilt lighting and real-time shadows. I have already this in my mind and will soon update my shaders to utilize this, unfortunately, shaders that deal with other parts like light position and camera position will be a hard job to work with trick..

Hope that helps

2023-01-30 09:46:00

That's certainly an inventive method to get around the limitations...have to give it a try I guess...

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