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Anyone want to help make this game in CopperCube??

Registered User
2023-03-22 07:18:11

It's currently only an Apple iOS game. My game, storyline, music, etc. Programmed by Antell Software. Really fun!

Since CopperCube is a 3D game engine, we might have to remake all the enemies and other assets 3D, but that could open up even more possibilities for this game.

This game is FREE to download and play (extra Saves are the only in-game purchases). If you have an iPhone or iPad (I prefer playing on an iPad, myself), give it a whirl and see if you'd be interested in remaking this for CopperCube!

I originally paid $100 and the dev took two years to complete it. A VERY fair trade, in my opinion. The end result was WELL worth the wait! But you decide...

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