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RocketCake 5.0 and Cookie Popup

Registered User
2023-04-07 17:39:17

There's about five programs left similar to RC. And without a doubt RC is the easiest to use. But without a built-in popup window that you can control the content, colors and placement I will not be upgrading. This has been asked for several times and been the law for a decade. Time to move on and back to a couple of programs that have this feature built-in. I suppose I could learn javascript, but I'm not.

Best regards to everyone!

2023-04-07 18:21:51

Yes, it is very good program, but lacks some built in elementar things such a description tag, favicon, sticky menus, web blocks (for different situations) etc.

Registered User
2023-04-08 10:11:41

Sticky menu is easy to accomplish
Favicon too
Adding a description tag is also easy to do
Ok, none of these features is built in, but you can add code whenever needed, and I think that is a great feature. You will hardly find a webeditor which is "complete".

2023-04-08 11:43:30

for such a elementar things i think no code needed, code must be for non usual things, for such a kind of programs it must be built in. If use for it code it is better to delete this program and use Notepad like professionals. And yes such a elementar things are long time ago in many programs and they are complete and give fantastic results, you can make everything, and have 10x more functionality like - Xara Designer Pro, Lauyan TOWeb, WYSIWYG Web Builder etc.

Registered User
2023-04-09 07:13:52

Honestly I have searched around and searched around and although I do understand there are quite a few features that are missing from rocket cake that should be built in. So far its all been accomplished by adding css to the element. However I still believe this to be far better option than the others as there is one feature I find in common with all the other website builders. They dont give you access to the source so you are a slave to them and stuck paying these high monthly fees and the minute you stop your website breaks. you have no control over your website, no control over the server your site is hosted on they hold all the cards and if they shut down your website ceases to exist. no thank you.

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