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How to set table row height to aut?

Registered User
2023-04-13 18:21:19

I am struggling to get a table that has rows (cells) adapt to the height of the content.

In RC I have set the table Size property to "100%, auto" (I want full width and automatic height) and both MinWidth and MinHeight are "none".

I did check that I don't have any line-breaks in the cells.

The generated HTML will have seemingly random height attributes in the <TD> tags, some rows much higher than is needed. In RC the table looks much more compact than in the browser.

In the generated HTML each cell's content is packed in a DIV and all the DIV dimensions look fine (no excessive size) when examined with developer tools in Chrome.

I also tried context menu Table->Make all rows same height as this, but it had no effect.

RC version is 4.8 (waiting for the license...)

Registered User
2023-04-13 23:18:38

I haven't used the table insert so far but was curious to know what the issue is. So I made a test, and indeed, the table behaviour seems strange to me.
While in the editor the cells' height adapts to the cell's content (text) it does not adapt in the browser view. At the bottom of each cell there is empty space left for about 2 more lines of text.
Only if one reduces the width of the browser window to an extent the cells' height will correctly adapt to the cells' content.
See my test file here
Also: in the generated HTML there are td height notations of 85px, or 83px respectivly, although I did not make any such entries anywhere in the table's or cells' properties, and although there is no reason to assume that these values might be the result of some calculation working in the background.

2023-04-14 07:10:14

Yes, the table right now in RocketCake tries to be both responsive and adjusting to the set sizes - so the end result is sometimes what you want and sometimes not exactly that. I'll try to give the user a bit more control over this in one of the next updates.

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